House Boat

Some Unique Features of Our House Boats in Kerala
Kerala Houseboats Cruise

Color and texture of Houseboats
The color of houseboats is yellowish brown. Bamboo is used for the framework of the roof and splits of Bamboo are used for weaving mat for roofing. Bamboo poles are used for punting the Vallams. It is strong fiber and absorbs more carbon.

Furnishings in houseboats
The interior furniture of Kerala Houseboat is either of cane or wood, floor carpeted with coir mat or wood panels.

Houseboat in Kerala

Lighting inside the houseboats
At night the traditional hurricane lamp is used to light the interiors. Usually each one is hung from the ridge of Valavara one at front, one at rear and one or two accordingly for the living spaces. And mostly for half of a month there will be moonlight, which gives enough light, reflected through water. Modern houseboats use generator sets or solar power to provide lighting and other power requirements inside the houseboats.

Eco friendly
Our houseboats keeping bio-septic tank (eco friendly toilets), tested and certified by the Central Research Laboratory (CRL), fitted to collect the effluents thereby avoiding pollution to the backwaters, and use no fuel so very much eco-friendly